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Natalie Hamlin

Grateful you're here !


I get a lot of questions about what Environmental Design is - so let me clarify! I frequently compare the Auburn University Environmental Design program to a 'liberal arts of design degree.' Elements of architecture, graphic design, industrial design, sustainability, and humanitarian systems are all synthesized into a well-rounded, forward thinking program. The Environmental Design curriculum is highly focused on systems thinking. In this systems-focussed program students are taught what systems their design may affect, from the small scale of a microorganism to the large scale of a city or food web. As a result, Environmental Design students are taught be thoughtful researchers of the system they are working within, as well as designers who consider both the positive and negative effects a design may have on a system prior to implementing a design. 

The greatest joy I have been given as an Environmental Design student is the freedom to really lean into subjects that I am interested in. Most worthy of mention is my experience doing Directed Research alongside two mentor professors. I was gifted the opportunity to further develop a research and design project that I began in Fall 2020 with the specified guidance of these professors. The focus of the project is the creation of an international market in Auburn, Alabama designed to thoughtfully and systemically care for the international community in Auburn through built environment design solutions. You can learn more about this project that is near and dear to my heart here.









Beginning projects with research is fundamental to me. In my projects, I seek to understand the context, existing issues, and systems affected in order to respond with appropriate and caring design solutions

Designing is a joy to me. It is where I have found the ability to "be creative and help people," as my high school self used to say as explored what major to pursue. I love the process of ideating built environment design solutions that serve people. 

I've always been a maker of things. Getting my hands on metals, printmaking, painting, or any way to form make & story tell with my hands. A gift & a joy !

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